Website under construction

The construction of this website started March 2022. The actual filling with contents (prints from my personal collection) and context will be an ongoing one-man enterprise undertaken by its builder, director, general manager, collection owner, author and exhibition organiser. It will be a process of  learning by doing. Because of its size and volume it will probably take a year or more to complete.  

Some (most) parts of this new website will be open and on-line for friends and lucky passers-by, for construction feedback and to make public the publishing of the accompanying exhibition book: a 500 page lexicon in 2 Volumes: a Who is Who of colour woodblock printmaking (Farbholzschnitt) in Imperial and Weimar Germany. 

It is composed with the new short biographies of hundreds of forgotten women artists  based on 20 years of research and collecting. The Lexicon is available as a limited edition, privately printed  book (2 Volumes) and also digitally as PDF through the gallery’s  Shop and Swap



1    Every artist has his/her own page. 

2    The first section shows the works represented in this collection.

3    The Archive section shows all pictures of other prints (catalogs, auctions, other collections, literature
etc..) or pictures related to the works or the artists life. That came to my knowledge.  

4    The short biography of the artists can be found in the accompanying 500 page book (edition jan. 2022, edition 2023 600+ pages) or PDF (updated to this day) will give you all the artist information required.