NOID - Unidentified Artists

Here you’ll find all the prints interesting, promising and/or affordable enough to join this collection. When I really like a work and in a position to acquire it, not knowing a name of the artist is not critical or important.  All help, clues, knowledge and suggestions which could lead to “bring home” a lost work of art is very welcomed. Like wise, readers and passers-by are invited to send their identification problem prints.  

Jugendstil design in 3 colours by an unknown student Wagner in the classes of Hermann Delitsch (1869-1937) in Leipzig Akademie für Grafische Künste und Buchgewerbe. See also Käthe Foersteling. 

Very nice print titled “Erwachen”: awakening. The signature could be read as Ernst Burchard. The title could suggest a hint to German physician, sexologist, gay rights advocate and author Ernst Burchard (1876-1920).   

Monogram G.M.  (Matthias ?) 

Knotwilgen 25/75 (Engl. Pollards;  Germ. “Kopfweiden”). 

Dutch artist: Carel Kunst ?

“Bergdorf im Schnee” 

O.J. Scheidl ?

Grethe Hauck? The location: Sühnteich-Schlesien (Silesia).

See artist index for more and exact location details.

Three probably more recent but “old school prints”, not in my collection (lost the auction) but the unknown artist is a nice enough puzzle to be solved. 

Artist sname: Schütz 

Elisabeth Gans ?

Orig. Linolschnitt

Weihnachten 1931

Not a woodblock but an etching. 

Very “Old Master style” etching titled “ Am See” (near the lake) Ed. nr. 62/100

Illegible signature 

Half a dozen prints are known by this artist, of which most are in this collection. He or she was not identified and is represented as Celina). Lehe is a small town near the city of Bremen. 

I read G.C. Celina, Colina, Cobian: but all is very unclear. 

He or she may have been in a group of artists around Thea Gutmann-Voigt, who is also a still unidentified printmaker. 

Unsigned copy of a wonderful print. The Monogram probably reads SB. Which would fit Siegfried Bernd (?) and not that many other artists from my archive. But it could also be French. 

Monogram: H. U. 1962

No doubt this is Adonis (or Narcissus) admiring his own reflection in the pond, visiting the Nymphaeum. A lovely print by a still unknown maker. 

This large print (“Alpenveilchen”) begonia’s on thin paper was acquired recently (April 2022) and bares no clue, signature or monogram. There were no serious buyers. It could be made by a number of artists, without doubt a professional. My hunch: possibly by a woman printmaker  Another copy must bring the solution: a matter of time. 

Monogram PK

Really nice and cleverly executed print. Just two blocks were needed  to create it. Gray-ish blue overlaying  light brown.  

Probably contemporary but nice flower print: wild daisies (Asteraceae) ? 

Artist signature:  Balus, Balut, Balup ? 

Sadly no clue at all can be found to identify this artist . Very nice and idyllic print of a bridge overgrown with flowering shrubs over a little stream.  

Aquatint etching: “Le Louvre”: 

18th century situation of Paris, Louvre and river Seine.

Signature: Gonvalet, Sonvalet, Gonzales ……… ? 

Etching with illegible signature. Probably (found in) Germany.   

Powerful composition and etching of a towing (a burden, something) nude woman by an unknown artist. 

One of my favourite prints. Probably linocut. No clue, signature or monogram. 

Käthe Lander: unknown artist. The pretty good portrait drawing of a young North African man was found in a flea market and originally was framed in Enschede (NL). Where a Katharina Lander gave birth in 1932 to a still born baby girl. The father:  Peter Paul Born (27)

Nothing could be found concerning this couple. 

Anonymous. But reminding of André Lhot.

Very nice, very Matisse-like  still-life interior. No clue to edition or maker. Nice enough to be represented. 

A  post card sized woodcut. With written in un unknown (Baltic ?) language but with translation of the seller: 

“Xylograph not ready yet. (This is) 1st print in process of preparation. Will send (the whole) work after finishing”.

No doubt French print of a posh couple against a Mediterranean landscape (Nice , Marseille ?)  

Although unsigned it must be by a major French graphic artist. 

Probably a woodblock print, but could also be pochoir or other technique. Found in a collection of  graphic works mainly from French origin or background. 

Striking use of gold paint. 

Recently found near home in Friesland (Nl.) but I have a feeling it might be from  French 0rigine. The figure is reminding of Hector Malot’s “Sans Famille”: Vitalis. 

Or is it just a hobo, or vagabond ?

(9 x 12 cm.) 

2 small Rotthenburg woodblock prints found in England.   

Time battered  but cheap and interesting items to secure. 

Printed without the use of a key block. 

No doubt French print of a posh couple against a Mediterranean landscape (Nice , Marseille ?)  

Probably a woodblock print, but could also be pochoir or other technique. Found in a collection of  graphic works mainly from French origin or background. 

Striking use of gold paint. 

A very nice bouquet that could have been (and probably was) made by several known printmakers. The margins cut to fit a frame (….) a second example should bring tje solution. One day. 

“Fuchias”  by F. Peisl. 

A Franz Peisl was found living in Amsterdam. He was a labourer and  it is doubtful if he was the printmaker.  

Found and acquired in the Netherlands but possibly German monochrome woodblock print. 

Arctic (Scandinavian) scenery. 

No clues to date or identify the artist  

Probably French “gravure bois”. Acquired from a dissolved mainly French former collection of graphic art. You’ll find her in the Nymphaeum “Baigneuses” department.   

More still unidentified but interesting prints from the collection will be uploaded regularly as the Gallery-Website  gradually will be stocked. 

This is a one mans endeavour so please be patient and return every now and then.