EPOCA - Reproduktion

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner 

Vasily Kandinsky.

It is not yet entirely clear what exactly this German EPOCA company was or where it was located. They are all quality reproductions (Fac-similes) of famous art works obviously of well known and famous works by well known and famous artists. In one example (Picasso) a publishing date was found: 1970. Examples of early colour woodcuts by Kandinsky and Gabrielle Munter were found as were monochrome prints by Ludwig Kirchner, Edvard Munch, Christian Rohlfs and HAP Grieshaber.  Drawings by Rembrandt, Picasso and Maillol also were represented. Googling and scanning eBay does not reveal many hits, suggesting they were not that wide-spread. It is also possible the company did not have a long life……

Since the original works are out of reach for any mortal collector I suppose these reproductions are as close as one can get to actually have, hold, collect, enjoy and study these works. 


Christian Rohlfs

Vasily Kandinsky 

HAP Grieshaber.

Gabrielle Münter

Edvard Munch

Pablo Picasso.

Kandinsky’s reproduction woodcut portrait by Gabrielle Münter (rights reserved by Munich Galerie Lenbachhaus)  was a “Jahresgabe 2002”, presented by the Geisenhausen (Bavaria) pipesmokers Radford’s “Freundenkreis”. It is not marked an EPOCA edition. 


For a certain type of human, knowing their existence, these quality reproduction become ”collectable”…….

So far there has been found nu cure or vaccine for this condition.  


Aristide Maillol