It was by shear perseverance and some luck Gertrud Eichhorn could be identified as the maker this wonderful woodblock that showed up in America. The hardly legible and completely unknown (to me) signature is the same as in several drawings and etchings that miraculously were offered recently in online auctions. Before this happened no works by her had ever come to my knowledge. There’s still very little known about her biography, life and career. She was however represented in the 1914 Haus der Frau exhibitions at the BUGRA in Leipzig in the collections of Ellen von Siemens. As a native from the Baltic area she studied in Königsberg Academy, visited the Nidden artist colony and later lived as an artist in Potsdam near Berlin.    


Recently a portfolio of some 2 dozen etchings and drawings (probably the artist’s studio stock) was offered on line. At the same time 2 drawings showed up in Berlin.  

It is most satisfying to be able to put such a forgotten artist back in the light showing  her work with these examples. In the meantime the research into her biography continues. All help is very welcomed.  



This etching is titled: “Das Märchen der Vergebung”

Other work …..

These 2 drawings were found separately in Berlin the first one is titled “Mein Bleibe”: her home in Potsdam ? Or holiday retreat ?