Charlotte Rollius: “Abendstimmung”


Although this small print was in my collection for some time I failed in reading the signature “naturally”.

Without identification the majority of  collectors  is obviously not very enthusiastic in buying prints like this. It seems they lack the courage, knowledge or gut-feeling when something as good as this comes along. Without a proper name .

My first hunch was Alois Konrad Schwartzler, known for “simple” and small Alpine impression  prints like this …., but this morning in a renewed attempt to organise the collection I suddenly saw it. Besides Helene Mass, who everybody wants,  with or without a signature,  Charlotte Rollins must be one of the most iconic of the German women printmakers. Master student of Emil Orlik. Until not that long ago known as  Charlotte Rollins (was she British ?) after an historical and never corrected  mistake in the 1920’s by British art critic Malcolm Salaman in the Studio Magazine (my revelation).