New acquisition and no clues to who might have created it. Yet. But to me this is not really of importance today. It was offered for a long time in eBay and nobody seemed interested enough to have not. Or make the seller an acceptable offer. As we call it: a “winkeldochter” (shop owners daughter). In this case the shop owner (a she ..) was more than happy to know the print found a welcome home. Print collectors do not like works by unidentified and unknown printmakers (which is food for thought). Besides: Size maters. It is quite possible its dimensions were working against it. It’s big: 28 x 44 cm. 

I havo no doubt some day another copy will surface telling us who made it. 

Its tittle would be “Alpenveilchen in turquoise Jugendstilvase”. It is highly decorative and artistically there’s absolutely nothing  wrong with. The name of maker  (male or female) without a doubt will surprise us. 


Today an article dedicated to the collection, the book and the new Website was published in regional  newspapers Leeuwarder Courant and Nieuwsblad van het Noorden


Found during a trip to Hamburg in Joachim Luehrs  Kunstaquariat at the Fleetinsel.  A wonderful copy of a 1974 bibliophile edition of Virgils Bucolica illustrated with 16 lithographic prints (several signed) by Robert Kirchner (1940-2009) in the tradition and style of French examples like Aristide Maillol. Edition of 1300 printed on hand made (“Büten”) papers.  Acquired in the Nymphaeum collection. Robert Kirchner was also known as “Klassiker der Modernen”. 


New: Gerd Schniewind: “Papagei - Probedruck”


A rare and colourful friend and company for the lonely Cockatoo was found and acquired for the collection. 


Gottlieb Teufel was one of the most promising (and awarded) young etchers in Germany when WW-I drew him  to Flanders Fields.  The horrors seen in the killing fields of Europe and because of his (mental) injuries he died young just 38 years old. He must have been a great admirer of Rembrandt (see his entry) while his etchings obviously were printed in very low edition numbers (5, 10) . 

Two of his etching were found, still together after a century, and recently acquired for the Nymphaeum collection with the help of the friendly seller. 

Collection novelty: Gillis van Oosten


Cagne sûr Mer 1954

Just irrisistable. This wonderful Mediterranean watercolour, reminding of Raoul Dufy and Henri Matisse was created in the year I was born. It crossed my path by chance while busy stocking the Websites Index artists pages: arriving at D, a long and arduous task before me.  

Happy with the break, meeting this new-to-me artist and very content acquiring it for the collection. Affordable Fine Art.

Look up: Gillis van Oosten in the “Guests & Friends” artist Index. 

3 Graces by G.F. Watts


After a long wait and journey finally the long expected package from America came in. After a shamelessly long stay in Dutch Customs, without any apologies or message: such an  arrogant lot. 

After over a year of anticipation and waiting it finally arrived. And it was worth the waiting. Besides a rare (only copy ever seen) Else Schmiedeberg woodblock print and several other treasures it contained one of the finest and rarest works in my entire collection:  George Frederic Watt’s 3 Graces. You’ll find them in the Nymphaeum (exhibition under construction and filling) 


Today Ludwig Hofmann’s colour lithography for PAN was acquired for the Nymphaeum collection to accompany Albert Krügers Venus, also published in PAN. Unknown edition numbers (1200-1600). All high(est) quality Pan editions are very collectable and sought by print collectors and print lovers. For some reason they are not priced identical. For some reason some prints are quite common while others seem to be very rare (like the exquisite and spectacular Venus by Krüger)


The actual filling with contents of the site is finally underway. After learning how to actually create a website, finding a suitable application (“app”), thinking over, designing and constructing it. After a disappointing experience it was decided I’ld ” better do it myself”……

Starting with the German Women Printmakers section: letter A. An Artist-Page “template” was designed to the required “wishes and needs” making all the pages and the operation more standard, coherent and stable. 

A simple but effective (I think…..) Site-Navigation lay-out and page was designed to lead vistors through the different proposed sections and collections (The Gallery’s Rooms and Floors). 

It was also decided to first introduce as many of the artists (hundreds !) represented in my collection with pictures of their works collected, accompanied by their new short biography, and pictures from my archive of all known (to me…..!), other works. 

Important details and specifics like: Title, Size, Edition Numbers and context must wait until the mainframe of the site is functioning as desired. 

Deo Volente I will also try to upload and fill the Swap & Shop pages ASAP. Because the collecting must go on. Likewise I will try to use this newsletter to publish new acquisitions etc… just to get acquainted with regular updating the website etc….

Vistors are invited to comment and give feedback while building up the different “Exhibition, Rooms, Collections etc….. 


Today the project of constructing this new Website was begun. The onset was the actual closing of another long term project: the printing of my book, the result of 20 years of research into the lives of two generations of forgotten German women artists involved in colour woodblock printmaking: Das Haus der Frau 1914-1939 or resisting the BUGRA 1914 exhibitions.