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Besides new acquisitions many new artists and prints were uploaded. A nice collections of a dozen prints by Berlin printmakers Karl Braunger was acquired and added. 

A local flea market find revealed Dutch printmaker Souwtje de Wijn who besides documenting  her native island of Texel in te Netherlands in oil paintings and water colour was also a fine printmaker. She is hardly known as an artist outside her island.


Although this small print was in my collection for some time I failed in reading the signature “naturally”. 

Without identification the majority of  collectors  is obviously not very enthusiastic in buying prints like this. It seems they lack the courage, knowledge or gut-feeling when something as good as this comes along. Without a proper name . 

My first hunch was Alois Konrad Schwartzler, known for “simple” and small Alpine impression  prints like this …., but this morning in a renewed attempt to organise the collection I suddenly saw it. Besides Helene Mass, who everybody wants,  with or without a signature,  Charlotte Rollins must be one of the most iconic of the German women printmakers. Master student of Emil Orlik. Until not that long ago known as  Charlotte Rollins (was she British ?) after an historical and never corrected  mistake in the 1920’s by British art critic Malcolm Salaman in the Studio Magazine (my revelation). 


One of the last acquisitions of 2022: Zuyderzee. A large etching by Dutch etcher Frederika Broeksmit. The location could well be very near my home in Friesland: Ice age cliff remnants along the former Zuyderzee coast possibly near the Frisian village (city !) of Stavoren where similar cliff remnants remain top this day. The former Zuyderzee, part of tidal North Sea was closed-off in 1932 by the iconic Afsluitdijk, becoming the IJsselmeer slowly  evolving in a large sweet water basin. After almost a century a new initiative was started to regulate and let in saltwater and its saltwater biodiversity (fish, molluscs, shells, plants etc..). 


Only a few months ago her name was discovered as a graphic artist and assembling facts to compose her short biography started. A (probably) old studio port folio was opened and offered in single items in an on-line auction platform. Separately, in the summer of 2022 a wonderful and exceptional (imho) woodblock print surfaced by an unidentified artist and signed illegibly. In America. Then, two drawing by her hand showed up, in Berlin.  Somewhere in the brain these separate finds were combined and with the help of collecting agent Tom in Boston (the service is mutual) it was acquired (thankfully it was still unsold)  for this collection. It is no doubt extremely rare and possibly of historic (printmaking) importance. 

Getrud Eichhorn was represented in the original BUGRA Das Haus der Frau exhibitions in 1914.  


2 fine examples by Bertha Züricher

Hopefully the identity of the bearded gentleman becomes known.  

Emma Schlangenhausen

Frogs in a pond


Phyllis Jerrold (British)

“Spring in the Hopgarden” 


Recently (November) acquired oil paintings in the collection, found in local markets: 

A lovely reclining nude (60 x  70 cm. ) by forgotten Belgian painter Georges Wilmaers and an intriguing small painting of river Seine and the Eifel tower by still to be identified monogramist A.B. 



Elisabeth von Oertzen’s, “Sittiche”, surfaced October 2022 and was acquired in this collection. It was the 4th print to become known by me by this rare and aristocratic printmaker. 


Today some more artists were “uploaded” (Victor Valéry, Bouqinistes-Seine) and: my small collection of prints by Moritz von Gruenewalt, German-Baltic printmaker. As a gift a PDF  version of his Catalogue Raisonnée (“Werkverzeichnis”) was shared. 

In the text you’ll find the announcement of the Catalogue Raisonnmée of the colour woodblocks (some 70) by Martin Erich Philipp. It will be made available on request soon.  

In summer “work “(stocking, filling the website) had to compete with the great outdoors. From next week the work will continue.  


Water color of wintery Pollards against a view towards an unidentified village. By unknown, obscured Dutch-German artist George Schulein. 

Initial research is leading to a wealthy and influential Munich Jewish well known brewery family. 


It was perhaps arrogant to think “I must know them all, have  seen them all and collected them all”. I was proven wrong  when this  never before seen linocut Coltsfoot (Dutch: Klein Hoefblad, Latin: Tussilago Farfare, German: Huflattich) showed up locally. Today it came in.  It is reminding of prints by Swedish printmaker Maja Fjaested, the way they were created and executed gave similar results. 


Almost a century after representation in the 1924 Wohlgemut and Lissner graphics catalog (with 9 others by her hand) and 75 years after her death this etching was acquired.   “3 Buchen” is also the name Rembrandt’s etching is known by. 

In 1938 Clara Epstein managed to escape Nazi persecution and since was known as a respected America artist. In 2010 she was awarded an article in an American (Indiana) cultural magazine. 


A pencil sketch/study of an academic standing nude by one of Hungary’s important female modernist painters Jósza Járitz (1893-1986)


July acquisitions (choice): 

1: Max Pietschmann, mezzotint etching 1903 exclusively published by the Studio.  

2: Huib Luns: 1920 lithographic print. “Jan Sluyters light”, IMHO as good, but more affordable).  

3: Casper Kouw: rare woodblock. Little known but one of the finest of Dutch printmakers (he was represented 1993 in “Der Frühzeit des Holzschnitts”, aka “van der Grinten collection”).

4: Unknown artist: “gravure bois”, most probably French. 


At last ! We are very pleased and content to be able to represent this forgotten and brave Jewish artist in this collection with the friendly help of Volker in Berlin who stands sympathetically towards and what this collection is trying to achieve: represent and document the first generation of brave, forgotten and pioneering graphic women artists. Although Käthe  Wagner  is not actually known as a woodblock printmaker she could not stay unmentioned and unrepresented in this collection.  

Thank you Volker !!


These two 1922 (so a century old) intimate lithographic prints by Dutch artist Huib Luns were acquired for the Nymphaeum collections (Classic Nudes). 


A recent acquisition is this intriguing impressionist oil painting. It is almost abstract but seems to possibly represent  “two passing streetcars (Straßenbahn) ” although that is just a free association since there was left no title. The artist is a not very well or generally known Vienna painter and graphic artist.  


This  “Astern” woodblock print was acquired for the collection.  It appeared in German eBay only yesterday. To this day I’ve never come across his name as a printmaker. He had an impressively long career as professor in Kassel Kunstgewerbeschule. Knowing he died, aged 64, in 1928 places this large modernist bouquet in a completely different light amidst the many flower bouquets of women artists in my collection. 

Amongst the recent acquisitions (women printmakers) were these Lilies by this not very well known (local) artist Luise Hoff found in an Etsy shop.  During last weeks more artists were uploaded, sections added etc…. However, progress stocking the website has slowed down a bit competing with the great out doors.


Read about Elise, with her la Giaconda smile, in the new entry (Guests and Friends) 


Found in an antiques and junk shop on a biking trip: portrait of a North African young man. By an unknown and unidentified artist.